Monday, August 30, 2010

Lisya my LUV

Today I received few photos of Lisya from Fana. She is really has grown to a beautifull girl and really tall for a girls that has not yet 12.... wish that I'm there with her when she celebrate her birthday and graduation this coming December.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Perhentian Island

On March 2009 I went to Perhentian Island with my dive buddy Fazlee. He was with me when I did my Discovery Dive with Azmi's Dive at Salang Beach, Tioman Island. Tiomand hmm... another paradise island.

In Penisular Malaysia, there are so many islands that most Malaysian have not set their foot on it such as Perhentian, Tenggol, Lang Tengah, Tioman, Redang, Rawa and some other that I have not been.

We went to Perhentian Kecil Island by night bus and stop at Besut Terengganu. From Besut we took a boat to Long Beach, Perhentian Kecil. After that we need to take the 'taxi boat' to the beach that cost us another RM2 per person.

The unique about the chalets in Long Beach, you cannot make any room reservation in advance. They only entertaint walk-in customer. Funny isn't it? We only managed to get a room only after 2pm, that's also because Fazlee know the front office staff. He has been here the previous year.

Nothing much I can complaint about the room since we only paid RM50 per night. It's a raise twin wooden room with a balcony that facing the bushes. The bushes is the main highway for the Komodo lizards from the small jungle behind the resort to the available food behind the small restaurents near the beach. You will be surprised with the size of the Komodo lizard, they are huge!!! No need to be scared since no report on human been attacked by the lizard.

Not only Komodos are huge, the cicak or Geckos are also big. I felt tempted to catch the Gecko and bring it back with me. The squirels always playing around at the trees infont our rooms and there also some birds and burung ayam-ayam. Such a nice and cooling place to stay.

I bet you will never notice tha lady owner that every morning will sweep the resort compound, she such a humble person.

What can I say about Long Beach, Perhentian Kecil?

Blue water, soft and white sand, shallow until you can see the white sand, it is hot just like any other beach. I was transformed from brown to fully dark tanned when I was there even I can see the line of my Oakley sunglasses on my face.

One thing that I notices when I was there, I felt that I was like a tourist in foreign country. Every where I look, I will only see mat/minah salleh. Heard the locals prefer to stay at Perhentian Besar where it is more to family oriented. I quess at Perhentian Besar has not may girls with tiny bikinis lying on the beach and don't forget all the topless.

Night life really happening here. There are so may open concept bars by the beach.
You don't have to drink beer or liquor to have a good time. They still serve Coke or soft drinks. You can hangout with them and listen to the music and chit-chat with the bar patrons until morning if you want to.

For the divers, it is not advisable to drink alcohol if you want to dive the next morning. It is dangerous for you and also your dive buddy. Please divers. don't drink and dive.

Wish that I will have the opportunity again to visit this island

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Diana Daniel

Such a sweet and pretty lady

phone: 017-6033 001

Canon 1Ds Mark II

Saw this very intresting advertisement in the mir when this guy want to trade his Canon 1Ds Mark II with Canon 7D plus some top-up from the 7D owner.

Quickly I did some some searching on the 1Ds and was impressed with the feedback that i got. I was once the best camera that Canon has ever produce and it is still one of the best. I was informed that Din Arshad still using this camera.

I send text to the guy inquired about the availability of the camera and finally last Thursday August 18, 2010 I met Allan at his gallery (Ant Gallery) at Mutiara House.

The camera was in good condition at 1st glance. Did some testing with my 70-200 2.8 IS lens and quite impressed with the result. Still need to get use with the camera's buttons.

Allan give me assurance that within 4 days that if I'm not happy with the camera, I can return it back.

Guess what? I really like it with the output, I means the photos but the camera quick control dial is not functioning and the batteries will dry flat after 20-30 shots. This happened to me when I shoot Ziana Zain and Diana Daniel at KL Tower.

Next monday I'm going to return it back. Miss my 7D...

Here are some of the sample photos

Diana Daniel

These shots were take at Kuala Lumpur Tower

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saidatul Nisa at Work

Saidatul with her young fan
full concentration while working with Elyana

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Monday, August 9, 2010

Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Datang Bawak Kamera Dan SHOOT FOR FUN"

Model: Tya Ashburn
Location: Tasek Perdana

"Datang Bawak Kamera Dan SHOOT FOR FUN"

Th event was organised by Awan Setiawan, Hemanz Ismail and the gang

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