Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How To Shoot Portrait Thru Glass Window

Saw this good and fresh ideas on creative ways of taking portrait photo at Pop Photo website.  I strongly recommend to any photographers read it and give it a try.

Here is the link to the article LINK

Monday, July 18, 2011

Short trip to Cameron Highland

cute bird at Boh Tea Plantation

saw these two birds having fun on the tree's branch

Estate manager's house at Boh Tea Plantation

 they are still using this 'old' bird to fertilize the soil

Rohasmila & Zuhairie

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Genting Sempah-Janda Baik-Bentong-Genting Sempah

Recently I did a photoshoot for Cycling Asia Magazine for their monthly ride. They will try any routes that is interesting for cyclists and will give full write-up about the route.
I was given the honor to shoot during their ride that started early morning from Hospital Orang Asli Batu 8 Gombak. 
The route will be to Genting Sempah, Janda Baik and stop at Bentong. After take a ice cream break, the will ride back to Hospital Orang Asli where we park our vehicles.

It was really amazing when you can see the golden light slipped thru the trees  

 I'm playing with color tones to see the impact on the image

This route is on of the places that I wish we can preserve.
Here also in 2008 i saw Honey Bear make an appearance when I got to stop due to tyre punctured. No harm to my friend Wilson Bak, myself and also the bear


Macro photography is quite new to me even though I have bought macro lens Tamron SP90 f2.8 for some time.
It just that I still couldn't find the 'rush' to explore more on the department. Macro for me where you can explore to the new world where your naked eyes can't see.
Things that you take for granted or you can't see the beauty but with macro lens, the tiny world is really amazing.
I promise myself that I will study and get myself into this tin world in the future.
These three images were taken handheld with available light.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sham Aishah

Last night when I was at Sham's funeral, I realized how much he's been showering people around him with his kindness and love. Everyone that I met been talking how much they will miss him.

He was the person that love all his friends and will make the extra effort to help and ease the problems anyone around him.

Even though I just knew him last year when we on the same group of BMW's bikers to Kuala Tahan, I immediately know that he was the guy that easily I will be comfortable with. He made jokes and always laughing no matter what; such a happy guy and lucky that has a very supportive and understanding wife/best friend by his side.

Deeply in my heart, I know that not a single soul will have any grunge or bad feeling towards him. You are such a great guy Sham

Death will only end a life but not a relationship.

I will miss you my friend.

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