Sunday, October 31, 2010

BMW Motorrad Owner's Day

I just reach my house from BMW Motorrad Owner's Day at Kuala Tahan from 29 Nov until 31 Nov 2010. Actually we reach KL yesterday afternoon but I need to check-in in the cheap hotel at Wangsa Maju since my car is still at workshop.
Fariq fetched me in Friday morning at Oldtown Kopitiam at Taman Permata with his BMW Adventure. It was raining from night until morning and I thought it's going to be one hell of ride since i forgot to bring my rain coat.
Nobody expected it going to be rained since the weather has been hot for the past few days.
It was drizzling when I met Fariq. We rode to BHP Station at Karak highway where most of the bikers planned to gather.
There were already a big group of bikers when we reach the station. Afif and Hafiz in the Mamak restaurant having their breakfast.
Around 10am, our group- Afif, Hafiz, Fariq, Shah, Sham and wife and including me make a move to Kuala Tahan. To be honest, I was quite scare riding a bike as a pillion. If I'm the own riding the bike alone, that a different story.
I was quite impressed with the BMW bike handling and the siting position is quite comfortable. It can tackle the corners very confident not like my bike which you need to ride like a mad bull. I even notice that you can apply brake even in the middle of the corner. I surely can give high marks on that.
The three days we spend at Kuala Tahan was full of great memories for me. Will upload some of the photos of the bikers, activities, ride and moments during the event

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


my Ducati 916 Senna, production date 1997. There are only 301 units in the world and mine is no 252. This bike is specially build to dedicate one of the best F1 driver- the late Ayrton Senna by Ducati.

the chassis

Ohlin rear suspension

Ohlin damper

i just love Ducati. The best ever bike in the world (maybe some of you will disagree but it is the best bike in the world)

Nothing Much To Do Today

white flower between the lalang in my house's garden. wish i have my tripod to shoot this flower

this lizard was trapped in the water bucket. i saw it yestarday and ignored it since i thought that it was just taking a dip. Apparently it cannot climb out.
Release the lizard after get my shot.

some mucus coming out from the mouth. luckily the water is not too deep for the lizard

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Snatch Thief

Petang tadi dalam pukul 7.30pm, kawan aku Afad dan isteri-Yan Fathi sedang makan meraikan birthday Afad di Pappa Rich, Bandar Tun Hussein Onn. Dia ada mengajak kawan-kawan makan sekali tapi kawan-kawan bagi chance la kat dia untuk makan dan bermesra dengan isteri tercinta.

Masa tengah makan Yan perasan satu mamat ni pakai smart tapi muka berjanggut serabai, gaya macam India ada, Bangla pun ada, pakai helmet masuk restaurant. Kejap lagi masa nak keluar, dia ranjau beg Lowepro Computrek AW Afad dengan isi Nikon D700, Nikon 70-200 2.8 VR II, 28-70 2.8, SB900 dan laptop BenQ warna puteh yang terletak atas kerusi sebelah Afad.

Afad cuba kejar tapi kawan dia da tunggu dengan motor. Dia orang terus cabut bila Afad cuba juga kejar.

Qhairoll yang sampai masa Afad sedang berlari cuba beri bantuan mengejar dengan MyVI tapi mereka ni memang pro, terus lesap.

Aku dan Zul ada kat dalam Studio Zulfikar masa tu. Kami turun cuba mencari sekeliling kawasan dengan kereta tapi keputusan tetap mengecewakan.

Lately ni aku banyak membaca dalam photography forum/suratkhabar yang mengingatkan photographers pasal trend terkini, photographers menjadi sasaran snatch thief dan pencuri. Hari ni benda ni berlaku kat kawan aku. Aku betul-betul tumpang sedih dengan Afad sebab kamera ada alat utama kami photographer untuk mencari sesuap nasi.

Bila musibat berlaku pada peragut, kau tak berasa kasihan sebab binatang-binatang ni langsung takde perasan kasihan pada mangsa mereka.

Peringatan pada kawan-kawan supaya berjaga-jaga dengan benda-benda kesayangan kita, tak kira la kamera, laptop atau pun handphone. Letak la di tempat yang susah orang nak ambik.

Aku harap Afad dapat bersabar dan menganggap ini semua adalah dugaan dari Allah s.w.t sebelum Dia memberi yang lebih baik.

Monday, October 25, 2010

New Toy

just bought it today and so far i'm very teruja with the result. wish i can try it with tripod but last night i have lend my tripod ballhead to Yus. maybe next week i can test it kaw-kaw

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

MACC top gun upset

Read this article today on MACC top gun upset over the wasted effort on in court. There are few points that i really like to highlight/share on this article:-

- Datuk Mohd Shukri Abdul the deputy commissioner (MACC) disappointed on the commissions failure on high profile cases. He claimed that they have collected all the evidences but somehow all the effort went to waste.
Just wondering why the effort went to waste? Is this related on Nazri statement on the other day that MACC cannot prosecute, the power to prosecute is in the hand of Attorney-General

- Of 10,000 cases reported every year, only half can be probed and eventually only 200 can be brought to court. Out of 200, the rate of conviction is only 68.1% (from 200 cases)
The rate of conviction is very sickening if i might say. I'm very sure that most of it only those on the low level cases that involve few hundred/thousand ringgit. What happen to those high profile figures that songlap millions of our hard earn money?

-There is also some minor issue like which hand take the money?
The main issue here the accused has take take the money whether using his right/left hand or even by his legs, he/she has taken the money.

The funny part about our law, if you caught stealing ball pen from 7 Eleven- this can be consider as stealing and can be jailed for few years but if embezzle money even millions of ringgit, this not consider as stealing. You can be jailed for 18 months and then you can enjoy the money for the rest of your life. (You have been punish and the money is yours)

Below is the article from the Star Online:-

Photography Package

Normal Package

- 2 events coverage
- 1 storybook album size 10 x 12
- 1 sticky album size 13 x 13
- 120 x 4R photos (edited)
- 1 photo size 16 x 20 with wooden frame
- unlimited shot in DVD softcopy
- 2 photographers
FREE Outdoor

RM 1,800.00

Shot and Burn

- 1 event
- unlimited shot in DVD softcopy


Izhan & Kina-Engagement

Eija bila plak yea?

Hairman la yang paling banyak ketawa sebab nak cover sedih kehilangan seorang lagi single club member

negotiation in progress

Man gelak sakan lagi

The moment it's start

who's hands are you kissing?


with her cute fans

They are in LOVE

yang ni tak lama lagi kot.

proud father. (my son has grownup to be a man)

Hairman entertained Dato' Najib's son

Fasha seronok dapat bawak hantaran. yang ni pun tak tau lagi bila

Happy nak dapat bakal kakak ipar dan menantu

Izhan just can't stop laughing. He's a happy man

with buddies


the girls

Sweet Kina
Wish them all the best

phone: 017-6033 001

Racun Semut

Aku fed-up betul dengan sang semut kat rumah aku ni. Ni bukannya semut hitam atau semut api, ni semut kecik tapi gigit sakit yang menyakitkan hati.
Ni aku letak racun semut yang kawan rekomen, hang bole tengok yang sang semut berkumpul dan bawak balik ke camp mereka, harap-harap mati la hang semua.
p/s aku beli RM1 sepeket tapi kawan aku beli RM0.80

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