Thursday, October 21, 2010

MACC top gun upset

Read this article today on MACC top gun upset over the wasted effort on in court. There are few points that i really like to highlight/share on this article:-

- Datuk Mohd Shukri Abdul the deputy commissioner (MACC) disappointed on the commissions failure on high profile cases. He claimed that they have collected all the evidences but somehow all the effort went to waste.
Just wondering why the effort went to waste? Is this related on Nazri statement on the other day that MACC cannot prosecute, the power to prosecute is in the hand of Attorney-General

- Of 10,000 cases reported every year, only half can be probed and eventually only 200 can be brought to court. Out of 200, the rate of conviction is only 68.1% (from 200 cases)
The rate of conviction is very sickening if i might say. I'm very sure that most of it only those on the low level cases that involve few hundred/thousand ringgit. What happen to those high profile figures that songlap millions of our hard earn money?

-There is also some minor issue like which hand take the money?
The main issue here the accused has take take the money whether using his right/left hand or even by his legs, he/she has taken the money.

The funny part about our law, if you caught stealing ball pen from 7 Eleven- this can be consider as stealing and can be jailed for few years but if embezzle money even millions of ringgit, this not consider as stealing. You can be jailed for 18 months and then you can enjoy the money for the rest of your life. (You have been punish and the money is yours)

Below is the article from the Star Online:-

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