Sunday, October 31, 2010

BMW Motorrad Owner's Day

I just reach my house from BMW Motorrad Owner's Day at Kuala Tahan from 29 Nov until 31 Nov 2010. Actually we reach KL yesterday afternoon but I need to check-in in the cheap hotel at Wangsa Maju since my car is still at workshop.
Fariq fetched me in Friday morning at Oldtown Kopitiam at Taman Permata with his BMW Adventure. It was raining from night until morning and I thought it's going to be one hell of ride since i forgot to bring my rain coat.
Nobody expected it going to be rained since the weather has been hot for the past few days.
It was drizzling when I met Fariq. We rode to BHP Station at Karak highway where most of the bikers planned to gather.
There were already a big group of bikers when we reach the station. Afif and Hafiz in the Mamak restaurant having their breakfast.
Around 10am, our group- Afif, Hafiz, Fariq, Shah, Sham and wife and including me make a move to Kuala Tahan. To be honest, I was quite scare riding a bike as a pillion. If I'm the own riding the bike alone, that a different story.
I was quite impressed with the BMW bike handling and the siting position is quite comfortable. It can tackle the corners very confident not like my bike which you need to ride like a mad bull. I even notice that you can apply brake even in the middle of the corner. I surely can give high marks on that.
The three days we spend at Kuala Tahan was full of great memories for me. Will upload some of the photos of the bikers, activities, ride and moments during the event

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