Monday, October 11, 2010

My Birthday

Wow.... another 1 hour 25 minutes is my birthday. Can't believe how fast time has fly by. Da tua tapi tak rasa tua. hahaha.... Somebody told me that even though that you are old, doesn't mean that you must feel and act old. I think my friend is very wise man.

Why should I act old when Allah s.w.t has blessed me with good health. I'm not saying that I'm fitter like I used to be for the past 20 years.

- I'm carrying extra baggage now which are more than 10kg,
- my hair getting thinner,
- wrinkle is very obvious on my face,
- I need extra distance just to read short sms on my phone (which I don't know how to make the letter extra large),
- I can feel the effect of motorcycle accident on my neck ( I had accident with lorry at Jeli during Merdeka Convoy from Klang-Kenyir-Penang-KL)
- less strong muscles on my body
- much-much less chances to get aweks

I can list down many more weakness but why should I worry things that I cannot control. I should concentrate more on things that I have and change the disadvantage to advantage:

- I am wiser now compare when I was 20,
- have more life experience ( da bole share dengan member-member yang ada masalah hidup)
- can afford much more toys that I can only dream on when I was young. example like I owned few super bikes such as Suzuki GSXF 750 Katana, Kawasaki Zephyr 750, Kawasaki ZZR600 and current is Ducati 916 Senna.
- done many things in my life like travel, backpacked to other countries and islands, scuba diving, photography, bungee jumping and even mountain bike (still don't have the ball and skills to do Downhill)
- Did I mentioned that I do scuba diving? One of the best that I have done. Wish that I can built a house by the beach and dive whenever that I feel like diving.
- I got more grey hair. Some people call cahaya
- know my true and quality friends
- the best in my life is I have one daughter- Nur Fatin Ellisya. That the best thing that happen to me. How I wish that she know how much I Love and Miss her.

See... I have said before that I'm much better when am getting old.

I have made my career change when I have exceed the number 40. Am I too late to make career change? Don't think so. I still have many years to live (if Allah s.w.t. let me to live, InsyaAllah). It the right move if I might say so since I'm much wiser to decide what is the best thing to do for my future.

Arts has been in my family gen. All my siblings are good in painting. My eldest brother-Hasnee is a full-time artist. My youngest brother was a display artist in hotel and I even won painting contest for under 12 years all for Hulu Langat when I was still 11. Not bad yeah. That's why I believe that I can succeed in photography even though I start quite late. Better late than never

Photography is my new passion. I can read and listen about photography without feel a bit of boring, unless the fellow try to bullshit me. That's another story...
Everyday I read and try new techniques, learning on editing, new album concept, and anything that I need to know in process to improve myself in photography. I still believe that I must have good foundation in photography's core not photographic. I'm not the person that love to manipulate the photo, for me editing are more on adhance and make the photo looks better, not changing and adding new elements in the photo. It's just my idea on photography.

Everyday I'm celebrating my life that was given by Allah s.w.t. I have no grunge on other people, try to make friends as many as possible, be a better person every moment in my life, trying hard to lose my hot temper (some friends claimed it), am I an ego person, I don't know but trying not to be, people make mistake to me but no worry-I forgive you and hopefully you forgive me too la.

Hopefully I will be better as a person and hamba to Allah s.w.t.



  1. hohohoho.. Happy Bday bro. may ur' wish come true. InsyaAllah..


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