Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How To Win Photomarathon For Dummies

I had the experience of joining Photomarathon 2010 at Penang and it was a great experience for me. From my observation, here I will lists down some of the things that you can do to have a better chance to win the next Photomarathon:-

1. Computer/laptop with internet broadband.
After the organizer announce the theme, you can take your time to browse/google the theme in the internet. Chances are they will use the same theme as what other photo contests from other part of the world. You just browse and get the best ideas from other winners.

2. Get yourself a vehicle. It can be a motorbike/car/MPV/lorry or any vehicle that you can afford to use. You can use vehicles to load all your camera equipment like soft box, tripod, umbrella, backdrop, reflector or anythings that you can bring along.

3. Once you get the idea of the photo of the theme that you want to shoot, you can go and buy all the props you want to use and better still, if you have a studio, carry all the stuffs to your studio. In a control environment, you can control the lighting and the background. There no rules saying that you must shoot the photo along the routes that they had set. Only the Dummies will do that, walking from morning until evening trying to find where the heck the photo that they should take. The smart guy will use studio.

4. After get your shot, you can relax having Kopi-O or Cendol while waiting for the next Check Point to open. Normally it will take 3 hours from Check Point 1 to Check Point to 2 to open. Better still you still have time to make love to your love one since you got to wake-up early in the morning to register. Life must be balance between the love to your camera and your wife/girl friend.

5. Go to the Check Point 2 to have your card stamp and receive the second theme. What should you do Dummies? Google again. very good....

6. If it involve any human, go find your actor/actress. Pay them RM100/200 each, it's a small amount to pay since the prizes are value more than that.

7. Follow the setting of photo that you have choose, make sure the light, composition, expression and background are perfect.

8. After your shot, you can take your afternoon short nap or you can go out and laugh your heart out to all the Dummies that scatter around walking under the hot sun trying to create their photos.

9. Go to the Check Point 3 to get the last stamp on your card and get the last theme.

10. What should you do again? Check point no.3 or no.6, get your shot and you can be the first contestant to upload you 3 photos that you took. No need to scroll or choose since you only shot 3 photos, upload all the 3 photos for 3 themes.

11. After upload the photos, you can go back and make love again since you can be very confident that they will not announce the winner on time.

There all the recipes for you if you want to win the next Photomarathon

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