Monday, July 18, 2011

Genting Sempah-Janda Baik-Bentong-Genting Sempah

Recently I did a photoshoot for Cycling Asia Magazine for their monthly ride. They will try any routes that is interesting for cyclists and will give full write-up about the route.
I was given the honor to shoot during their ride that started early morning from Hospital Orang Asli Batu 8 Gombak. 
The route will be to Genting Sempah, Janda Baik and stop at Bentong. After take a ice cream break, the will ride back to Hospital Orang Asli where we park our vehicles.

It was really amazing when you can see the golden light slipped thru the trees  

 I'm playing with color tones to see the impact on the image

This route is on of the places that I wish we can preserve.
Here also in 2008 i saw Honey Bear make an appearance when I got to stop due to tyre punctured. No harm to my friend Wilson Bak, myself and also the bear


  1. lebih nampak cantik kalau kayuh Asyril

  2. hi bro,
    i need to borrow the 2nd photo
    to promote cycling in shah alam,
    we are doing genting sempah route tomoro..
    but about copyright, i'll put that this photo was taken from ur blog.. (with ur blog address in it)
    hopefully u are okay with it..

    kelab basikal shah alam (facebook)


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