Sunday, August 22, 2010

Canon 1Ds Mark II

Saw this very intresting advertisement in the mir when this guy want to trade his Canon 1Ds Mark II with Canon 7D plus some top-up from the 7D owner.

Quickly I did some some searching on the 1Ds and was impressed with the feedback that i got. I was once the best camera that Canon has ever produce and it is still one of the best. I was informed that Din Arshad still using this camera.

I send text to the guy inquired about the availability of the camera and finally last Thursday August 18, 2010 I met Allan at his gallery (Ant Gallery) at Mutiara House.

The camera was in good condition at 1st glance. Did some testing with my 70-200 2.8 IS lens and quite impressed with the result. Still need to get use with the camera's buttons.

Allan give me assurance that within 4 days that if I'm not happy with the camera, I can return it back.

Guess what? I really like it with the output, I means the photos but the camera quick control dial is not functioning and the batteries will dry flat after 20-30 shots. This happened to me when I shoot Ziana Zain and Diana Daniel at KL Tower.

Next monday I'm going to return it back. Miss my 7D...

Here are some of the sample photos

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