Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ducati 916 Senna

Since i was a kid, i just love toys and most of it, i made it myself. My father is a not a rich man that can buy me any toys that i want. Not much complaint from me and to be frank, thats make me to think harder to make the toys that i dream of.
I was staying in squatter area beside railway track at Kajang and the house that we live is very near to Chinese coffin maker. They used to make coffin from timber logs and the leftover i will to scupture to become toys such as planes, war ships, tanks, submarines and even the double wings plane.
Now I have grownup and can afford to buy some of the big boys toys such as this Ducati 916 Senna.

at elevated highway

Stumble into to this number one Ducati Senna, the first in the world at Melbourne. I was really excited and felt that if I have 35k Ausie Dollar, I will bring it back to Malaysia.


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