Thursday, November 4, 2010

'City Boyz' Jumpa Sungai

On the second at Kuala Tahan, we plan to go to Lata Berkuk and do Rapid River. When we were near Sg Tembeling, we saw minah salleh and mat salleh just finish take a bath at the river.
We really laugh at them because the river water's color just like Sg Kelang, it yellowish, maybe they don't have clean river at their hometown.
We did hired a boat that cost RM180 that can accomodate 12 person(there only 8 of us). It's a oneway trip, whereby the boatman will brought us until the Orang Asli Batek village and return back.
On the way back, the boatman stop the boat near a man made swing. All of us tried the swing except myself (cameraman la).
When we think back of what we have did, we laugh at ourselves since we did laugh at the mat salleh couple that take a dipped at the muddy river.

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