Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Makeup Class by Saidatulnisa 8 Nov 2010

Saidatulnisa Boutique

One of the student applied makeup on another student. They practice what they have learn on each other.

Saidatulnisa's staff as the model.

Sai give some tips to the student

Demo, demo, demo

Student from Melaka

She still manage to pose

Liza demostrates how to apply makeup on model that doesn't want to trim her eyebrow

The final touch

Preparing certificates for the students

Another model bidang terjun

Liza and Saidatulnisa

Proud student

Sai with her students


  1. uiks.. great job bro.. gambo semua cunnn

  2. thanks ejai. semuanya cun2 tu yg gambar cun


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