Thursday, April 7, 2011

LeTua rides with Jarno Trulli

Last week Jarno Trulli, F1 driver for team Lotus take a racing break to cycle with LeTua riders. On the first day they ride from Damansara to Fraser Hill and from Bidor to Cameron Highland on the second day.

Group photo
Janggut briefed on the route and safety
 take a leak break
 some of the riders decided to follow Jarno

 Janggut get smoked by Jarno at Gap
 Even super fit athletic also suffer climbing Fraser Hill
Group photo again at Fraser landmark
Janggut gave safety briefing at Bidor
The dog chased the group more than 1km. Just to show who the boss or want to be filmed?
take a leak break
 Jarno & Zamani

Zamani leads the way

at last Jarno got the opportunity to take photo with me
more photos at

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