Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sunrise at Kuantan River

It's always been my dream to capture the perfect sunrise at Kuantan River and even though i have been to Kuantan for few times with this intention, i have failed miserably.
This is the latest image that i managed to capture from a hotel's balcony. This balcony will be added to my favorite spot in the future.
I have only slightly adjusted the curve and vibrance, this was the sunrise that i been dreaming off to capture.


  1. great dude.. aku nak kejar matahari nih mmg tak penah nyer dapat. err.. lama ko tak berblogging.. hehehhe.. selamat berpuasa dude..

  2. thanks ejai_ej. da lama betul aku x update blog aku. ni ada banyak gambar aku kena upload


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