Thursday, September 16, 2010

Beraya cum Gathering at Atok's House

Aton with his no.1 t-shirt
Trying hard to remember and get some clues of the other names. Remember the face but the name still vague
Boeing helping one of his son selecting the foods. Most of it goes to him

Culin with his son. Since it was gathering/hari raya, the families also in the 'package', so some of the got to excuse themselves early when the families started get bored with our jokes.

Anyih having a good laugh

Atok as always the cheerfull person and host

Here are some of the so call 'boyz' that turn up. Aton, Kamal, Os, Lily, Yus, Azhar, Ravi, Ehsan, Atok, Maniraj, Boeing, Praba and Anyih. Really sorry that I can't recalled some the name. Maybe it's the mature age syndrome.

Manage to attend the gathering cum hari raya open house at atok's premise. Last year I was at Bunaken Island, Manado exploring Manado town and Bunaken Island. Did six dives and manage to get some decent photos. My 40D shutter mirrors jammed when I was trying to capture early sunrise at Bunaken. (early means 5am for our time)

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