Monday, September 6, 2010

My Journey

Today is the second months I celebrate the journey of my life as a full time photographer. I have received many different responds from friends regarding my career change decisons which I think very intresting. They have gave their point of view from their own life experiences, expectations and maybe also from their ways of bringing up. I am really appreciate their opinions to add up spices in my life journey.
Frankly, I was bored to death working in the office. I'm just not a office type of guy, I'm need to be outside working my butt out, let my creative mind working to make money and most importantly I will enjoy doing it until the day I die. I don't want to die sitting working in the office like a machine or robot. What a boring life for me(no offence to office staffs). It is just me that eager looking for new adventures in my life.
What I want to do with my life if somebody throw me a question? Well...... there are few lists before I die things that I want to do. Let me list down some of it that I can think of at this moment:

1. One thing for sure I don't want to die living a boring life. I want to do something intresting and adventurest that I like and do it until the end of my life(if possible). Photography is something that I had really want and love to do for such a long time. I'm really intrested to do since I was a kid. My uncle who was a sailor use to has this Polaroid camera that was really fasinated me. Finally he gave it to my brother and me as a present but we found out that the negative was really damn expensive. We can't really afford to buy even once and in the end, we just prentended that we were taking photos with it.
When my daughter Ellisya went to Australia last two year following her mum doing her Phd for 3 years, I felt really bored. Used to spent most of my weekend with her and when she not around, I really need to do something to fill my free time.
That was the time I sold my Pegoretti road bike and bought my first DSLR camera which was Canon 40D. Really love this camera.
I want to be a photographer until I die. FULL STOP.
2. Since Lisya is not around, beside photography, I also has become an advance scuba diver. Really enjoying it. Everybody should take the opportunity to see and experience the under water world which is really amazing. We Malaysian are very lucky to have such an amazing islands like Sipadan, Tenggol, Redang, Perhentian and Tioman. They are still a great place to visit and dive and even for snokler.
My plan is I want to be Dive Master. Just imagine a DM that still cannot swim hehe... just joking. I must know how to swim before I can do my rescue course. It's a must. How can I rescue anybody if I myself cannot swim. Another wish, I must know how to swim.
3. Since under water world really fasinated me, I want to be one of the best underwater photographer. Some might laugh at it but I belief I can do it. If I have the will and belief, InsyaAllah I will be one.
4. Doing something adventures has been in my blood since I was a kid. I belief every kids should be adventures. They should be given the chances by the adults to explore their adventure curiosity. I have tried mountain climbing, bungee jumping, camping, mountain bike, road bike(represent Selangor as junior cyclist and even was selected centralised training for Word Junior Cycling Championship in 1984) , big sports bike(have Ducati 916 Senna, there are only 301units in the world and mine number 252), martial arts like silat, Tae Kwando and Karate, travelling back packing style, keeping exotic pets like iguana, scorpion and even viper snake like Ular Kapak, rock repelling, white water rafting and scuba diving.
Wish that I have the gut to do skydiving. That will be the ultimate adventure if my balls are big enough to do it. There are few things that I wish to do like climb to Everest base camp, backpack exploring India, shoot wild life animals photos at Africa, swim with Great White Shark, Manta Ray and Whale Shark or even Mola-Mola at Bali.
Have been plan a long time with my brother to cycle around Penisular Malaysia and using the trunk roads exploring the places that my many of us Malaysian have not been to or heard of it. I will do it for sure. Need to plan with my brother during this raya time.
5. What about place that I call home. It's will be just a simple house surrounded by tress and if possible near a lake or a small stream. It's my dream house. If I couldn't get the lake or stream, I will build a big Koi pond just beside the house where I can relax and feed the Koi.
6. Everybody in this world need a life partner which are call as husband or wife. Someday I pray to Allah s.w.t that I will meet a lady that I will spent the rest of my life with her. Somebody that I can call my best friend.

Everyday is an intresting journey for me. I must learn and remember the valuable lesson from it. Never regret in life because whatever has happened is the past, what important is now and the future.
Everyday I forgive whatever mistake people have done to me and I pray to Allah s.w.t that He will forgive me for all the sins that I have done.
I try my best to be the better person that I can be.InsyaAllah

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  1. sgt memberikan inspirasi... saye pun ada impian yang nak sangat2 dibuat cume mungkin belum ada courage lagi nak buat. suke bace blog abang madee ni...


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