Friday, October 14, 2011

My Birthday Dinner at Matahari Diver

I always believe that I'm one of the luckiest person in the world. Some might ask why I'm one of the chosen one? 

Not much that I can list down except that I'm always lucky to meet new good friends when I'm traveling. Today I met AJ and Sham that have hanging and lepaking waiting friend the whale shark to come back to Perhentian Island.

Meet DM master Wayne from UK, D the instructor and his wife which also a instructor (husband and wife instructor tu....), old friend Nic Till and her parent which has come all the way from UK to Perhentian for holiday and also Matahari Diver's owner Jeng and his wife and daughter Nana.

I was surprised when D told me that they going to treat me dinner and he also going to cook couple of dishes. That was really big effort for someone that just knew me for few hours.

Thanks my friends

Dinner with hot coffee was the best

Nana, the new member in Matahari Diver

Nic Till busy taking some photos

Wayne, Nic and her mother

Sham, Jeng wife, Nana and Jeng enjoying the foods

Nana always in happy mode

Wayne chatting with Nic mother 

Nic's parent

After good and delicious dinner, chilled out at Monkey Bar beside the Matahari Diver

new friends from Australia

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