Friday, October 28, 2011

Perhentian Kecil

I had a friend that told me of his plan to travel/visit all the islands in Malaysia and i find it very interesting. After the conversation it's only once or twice pop-up in my mind about his idea.

In 2008 when my daughter Lisya follows her mama to Australia, I start to feel lonely and restless. I need to something with my free time especially during weekend. I use to cycle and hangout with Lisya before but now it was only cycle in my list. 

Photography has been one of my dream things to do since when i was still study. Arts has been in my blood, actually i am quite good in drawing if i must say, my brother is a full-time artist and even my father also good in arts. I used to collected articles about photography to read and study about it but money has been the big issue back then. 

When finally i can afford to buy a camera, the interest has faded out, i started to dive into cars, big bikes and bicycles. All these hobbies required me to spend tons of monies into it. What can i say, i enjoying it but the memories is intangible, it's all in my mind.

Then i bought my first DSLR camera a month after Lisya left, it was Canon 40D with Sigma 18-200mm without OS lens. Two months after that i enrolled in Open Water Diver course at Mabul Island. In three months i become DSLR camera owner and certified open water diver.

From that moment i start to travel and scuba diving, see the beautiful places that i can afford. I have been to many islands and plan to travel all the islands in Malaysia like my friend dreams. Thanks my friend.

So far for me, Perhentian Island is one of the best island that i have visited. The water is crystal clear, sands are white and soft, there are many choices of accommodation that you can choose from as cheap as RM15 per night to RM350. 

There are many activities that you can do while you are at the island such as scuba diving, snorkeling(rm40 for one day package), photography, swimming, lying down on the beach while get your skin tanned, walking and climbing to the hill where the windmills is and get a better view of the island from the top.

Lots of activities happening at night where you can have candle light dinner on the beach (full moon above the sea), hanging out with friends at the open bars or enjoying live band at Monkey Bar. If you are not the bar type, you can walking on the beach and enjoying the sea breeze.

Well.... not everything great about Perhentian, like other islands, there are some flaws. The first thing that really hit me is the foods price. It is really expensive, the same price if you eat at good restaurant in KL or McDonald Value Meal Large package. Minimum price for fried ride or noodle is rm8 and need to pay more if your change from normal to seafood. Hot drinks will be rm2.50 per glass. (Please try the fruit shake drinks, it's really a must have drinks)

At night the BBQ set (they serve fish like King Fish, Barracuda, Blue Marlin) for RM20. If you want cheaper and cozy environment, those that stay at Long Beach can walk over to Coral Bay where they sell it at cheaper price rm15/18. 

Another thing that you must be aware of is that there are lots of mosquito on the island. Please bring insect repellent or mosquito coil, you will really needs it. 

Some facts that i would like to add about the island:

- the boat to the island will cost you rm40 per trip or rm70 return.

- boat departure to the island will be at 7am, 11am and 3pm and from island to the main land at 8am,      12pm and 4pm.

- don't be surprised to pay rm2 to the water taxi that will take you to the beach. The water is to shallow for the boat to get near to the beach.

- the island is close during Monsoon season from mid October until March.

- Please behave yourself when you at the island. Nobody like uncivilized people that act like monkey.

One thing that i am sure that you will cherish the unforgettable experience if you decide to visit the island

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